Sample Resume : ' Good Morning '

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Good afternoon Lindsay, I wanted to keep you in the loop regarding the McIntosh home where the Little and Kendall children are currently placed. As you may recall, mid-October there were concerns with the communications between all parties regarding Rylee requesting to record me and the conversations that took place afterwards. Once Angelheart reached out to Courtney for clarification on the matter, Courtney did not respond to clarify but rather put in her notice to transfer agencies. This transfer should take place on or about November 16th. Unfortunately, due to some concerns in the McIntosh home, Angelheart may have to close the home if the new agency is not prepared to open the home at that time. I wanted to inform you of this so that you could make any necessary preparations as the home will no longer be licensed and I also would like to further explain this decision. There appears to be a constant lack of communication or miscommunication with the McIntosh home. This includes Courtney reporting events to one party but not informing all parties, not documenting the occurrence and/or not submitting an incident report. In most of these cases, when asked about the situation it appears that there was a miscommunication somewhere. For example, Courtney reported that Zander took off his clothes during a Parent’s Night Out event at a local church in August, this was not confirmed or reported by anyone in attendance. Weeks later at the end of September, Courtney
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