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1 Final Project 2 Great Place to Work The criteria used in judging “Great Places to Work” are trust, pride and camaraderie. A great place to work is therefore a company where the employee can trust management takes pride in what he is doing and enjoys the company he keeps there. Trust defines the employee’ s relationship with management. The three components of trust are credibility, fairn ess and respect. Credi bility means an open and accessible two - way communication , competence in coordinating human and material resources and integrity in alig ning t he corporate vision. Respect focuses on professional and developmental support, collaboration among employees in relevant decisions and…show more content…
As the nature of work changes due to technology, a diverse workforce and globalization, good places to work for need to create a work environment which is supportive and social as well providing meaningful work (Levering & Erb, 2011 , p.31 ) . Lessons learned for HR strategies and practices are that the strategic direction and vision of the 1 A diagram of the relationship trust, pride and camaraderie can be found in the appendix, picture 1. 2 organization needs to be accessible to employees, there needs to be an open dialog between management and the employee. The Great Places to Work Institute characterizes this as “trust”. HR needs to focus on in volving their employees and listen to them to con sciously cultivate a deeper understanding (Levering & Erb, 2011, p.32). The component respect teaches HR to care, show respect and appreciation , and ensures employees have the necessary equipment they need. Th e component credibility further teaches HR to be approachable and reliable and show trust without controlling employees. The component fairness ensures fair compensation, promotion and rewards ( Trust Index© Scorecard Report - Mapledown School , 2009, p. 7) 2 . The dimension of pride is important to HR strategies as it actively forms the employee’s personal and team effort as
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