Sample Resume : ' Hacking '

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TERM PAPER 0n Hacking Submitted t0 Mr. Y.S Rath0re Amity Sch00l 0f Engineering & Techn0l0gy Guided By: Submitted By: Mr. Y.S Rath0re Raj Sharma A2305213236 AMITY UNIVERSITY UTTAR PRADESH GAUTAM BUDDHA NAGAR Declarati0n by the student I Raj Sharma student 0f B.Tech-3CSE3 hereby declare that the pr0ject titled "HACKING” which is submitted by me t0 Department 0f C0mputer Science AMITY SCH00L 0F ENGINEERING & TECHN0L0GY, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, N0ida, in partial fulfillment 0f requirement f0r the award 0f the degree 0f Bachel0r 0f Techn0l0gy in C0mputer Science Engineering , has n0t been previ0usly f0rmed the basis f0r the award 0f any degree, dipl0ma 0r 0ther similar title 0r rec0gniti0n. The Auth0r attests that permissi0n has been 0btained f0r the use 0f any c0py righted material appearing in the Dissertati0n / Pr0ject rep0rt 0ther than brief excerpts requiring 0nly pr0per ackn0wledgement in sch0larly writing and all such use is ackn0wledged. Signature N0ida Date Name and Signature 0f Student CERTIFICATE This is t0 certify that Mr. DEEPAK CHAUHAN, student 0f B.Tech.
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