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PROJECT ON HDFC PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Submitted In partial fulfilment of the Requirement for Bcom(hons) Degree Programme SUBMITTED TO SUBMITTED BY COL.K.S.MOHAN CHANDEEP SINGH Faculty guide Bcom(hons) (V sem) ACCF Enrolment no A3104613020 Table of Contents S. No. Description Page No. 1 Executive Summary 2 Profile of organisation 3 Businesses 4 Product and services 5 Objective of internship 6 Mutual Funds 7 Systematic investment plan 8 Organisational structure 9 Functional departments 10 SWOT analysis 11 Outcomes and recommendations 13 Conclusion 14 Appendix(Questionnaire) Acknowledgment My summer project with HDFC BANK proved to be highly valuable and informative sojourn. I got some valuable insights from this exercise, which has definitely enabled me to hone my skills and widen my perspective towards banking in its modern prospect. Firstly, I would like to seek an opportunity you express my sincere and profound gratitude to Mr. Sanjay Satpal Sharma for giving me this opportunity to do this project. He had been a continuous source of inspiration. I would like to extend my cordial thanks to my guide and project leader Mrs. Tejinder Kaur for his invaluable help, continuous encouragement and guidance without which report would not have been completed. “Gratitude is short lived but when put

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