Sample Resume : Healthcare Management

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Business 561 08/29/2015 Jasmine Montgomery Master of Business Administration: Healthcare Management When it comes to making business deals, one must do their research and gather not only information on the company, but their perspective on the matter. To say the least, this decision cannot be made in one night. My professor presented in the course a case study pertaining to business ethics. In this particular case study, it examined a recent graduated named Ramonda Alexander that needs to be advise on whether or not sign a contract with the company Next Step Herbal Health. Miss Ramonda decision would need a spiritual and ethical perspective to make the right decision. As we know, in life, what is best for one individual may not be best for…show more content…
They revealed that personal, organizational fit is based on the compatibility of the individual and the organization. To find this compatibility the individual would have already been meeting the needs or the organization or share similar characteristics of the organization. A spiritual perspective on this case is clear. Corner (2009) explains that having workplace spirituality is having the connectedness with your work community, inner selves, and the environment. This is certainly important in working for any organization. Spiritually, this company gives off no connection with Miss Ramona, but that they want her for her belief for business. Miss Romanda should work for a company that meets her values and belief, not one that could care less. It would bring no value to Miss Romanda to sign with a organization that only wants to use her for her beliefs that are not completely their own. Now, let’s break into the positives that are presented in working for Next Step Herbal Health. First Miss Ramonda was able to research about the company before meeting with them, which was a smart business move. Based on the research found, the company was financially great, the company’s mission is to create a healthier America, and that they send their researchers around the world in search of new organic sources. After Miss Ramonda met with the recruiter and the CEO they also brought some more positives such as they care for people, goal
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