Sample Resume : Hiring Process

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In an organization, there are many employees hired every season. Some fresh graduates, some experienced. Every employee goes through a training process which is extensive and it helps to get hands on experience of how the company is structured to work. The primary goal of the traditional hiring process is maximizing the fit between person and job (Bowen, Ledford & Nathan, 1991). It is very important to hire the right people for a particular position according to his skill set. The organization, in which I did my internship, had a 3-month training program in which the employees were directly allocated clients which were from different backgrounds like Technology, finance, retail, etc. So, their training involved cases with the same background as they were allocated. The problem arose when people with skills in a particular domain were appointed a client from a completely different background and had to be trained from all the way from the beginning. Also people with prior experience had to undergo a long training because of this. It leads to wastage of a lot of time and effort. Even with a large training department, implementing the training program may take a lot of time if there are many employees who need new skills (Sharon Daniels, 2003). Working upon our strengths rather than learning new skills is the key according to me. As stated by Arup Bose & Barnali Gupta (2012), employers often provide an extensive training program because the training program affects employee
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