Sample Resume : Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Asia

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Whats your timezone?:
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Asia
Have you ever been banned on Arc?:
No I have never been banned on ArcHcf and I do not ever plan on being banned on ArcHcf.

Any previous experience as staff?:
I was Staff on Voltix. Voltix was a huge opportunity for me and I had to do a lot of work seeing it was a new practice server when I was staff there were nonstop cheaters and I had multiple screenshares a day. I was a trusted staff member on Voltix and I handled high rank activities as a low staff rank this defiantly gave me a good opportunity. I was staff on a server called HcAsia as the fact that I live in Asia I was on the server for as long as the length that the server was up. I did have the rank Senior moderator and I was given staff of the month for(MARCH) This server was also a practice server I did a lot of work and I put a lot of effort into this server just like I would for Archcf if I was given the staff rank. This is a little separate but I did used to own my server it was not that big but it was hcf so I do want to show that I am experienced with hcf and how hcf runs so I am prepared for all the responsibilities that would have been given to me. This server was called EbueHcf if you look this server up there are a few videos it was not too big or too small of a server. Also this is not staff experience but I was builder on Flowz and Moku. I was also a developer on a hcf server called Vilehcf or AuraHcf. This server was quite

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