Sample Resume : Information Management Coordinator

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Please accept my application for selection number 16-IAN-EA-BA-BC-RDG-172177, Correspondence and Briefing Officer.

I trust the enclosed resume, specifically the Experience and Qualifications sections, highlight for you the capabilities I offer. Additionally, this cover letter will illustrate how I meet the Essential and Asset Qualifications listed for this process. I have successfully worked as a functional specialist, administrator and teacher. My educational background and my experience interacting with a large base of customers, departmental staff and external stakeholders, providing information or advice to them, or resolving problems, give me an excellent understanding of the nature of the advertised position.

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Coordinated the assignment of the above, liaised with programs to edit feedback provided by them. Provided advice on language, style, content and grammar. Reorganized new and existing business rules regarding the distribution of electronic/paper holdings to program officers in table format (same table was integrated in the updated Information Management Manual). Prepared written reports identifying problems and possible solutions/recommendations regarding records management as requested by programs. Created and updated complex spreadsheets to keep track of all stages of the lifecycle of projects. The successful completion of these tasks required diagnostic gathering of information, verification and accuracy and significant level of thinking skills. I also prepared targeted lesson plans with complimentary reference materials for training on topic specified by client. I put together the Information
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