Sample Resume : Job Security

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Job security is good for those looking at becoming a nurse, for no matter how the world evolves, it will always need nurses to care for a wide variety of patients, In the United States, the number of qualified nurses are needed for bedside care continues to grow as well as the numbers needed for leadership roles, education and advocacy. The need for nurses will continue to grow as the population continues to increase and as the baby boomer generation ages and retires creating more patients and less nurses. There are several paths to becoming a nurse, an associate-degree preparation or a baccalaureate-degree level preparation; both program graduates will take the same NCLEX exam prior to being able to practice as a registered nurse. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing makes a statement that even though graduates of entry-level nursing programs will all sit for the NCLEX-RN© licensing examination. The fact that new nurses pass the licensing exam at the same rate does not mean that all entry-level nurses are equally prepared for practice. The NCLEX tests for minimum technical competency for safe entry into basic nursing practice (AACN, 2015). So while all graduates will take the same exam, their training isn’t considered the same just the minimum for safe practice. Associate Degree Preparation When considering schools and degree programs it is important to note that an associate degree program takes less time to complete and generally costs less. This allows the
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