Sample Resume : Management Of Technology

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Individual Assignment

Name : Chan Wai Nee
Matric number : PB13049
Section : 01G
Course : Project Management
Faculty : Faculty of Industrial Management
Subject code : BPT 3113
Subject name : Management of Technology
Lecturer : Pn. Puteri Fadzline Binti Muhamad Tamyez
Semester : Semester 2 Session 2015/2016

“with the help of S-curve, make an analysis of one technology” Select one technology which is beside you, daily used in your life and indispensable for your life
. Briefly introduce the technology that you select and its importance to your life.
2. Illustrate the evolution of the technology during the time of your usage; and point out the strengths and weaknesses in each stage of the evolution;
3. How do you want it to be in the future? And if you would be the boss of the technology, set up a business plan to commercialize it in the future?
4. Reference (If any)
5. Appendixes (If any) cover, table of content, references and appendices History-Umbrella Technology
Umbrella as one of the daily life tool nowadays in various purposes, aside from rain or extreme sunlight shield, it is also useful as self-defense tool, walking stick, parasol, leak cover, decoration. Commonly is defined as an exclusive device for weather protection.
The importance of the technology in my daily life is where it gives a mean of safeness whenever I bring it with me to any places. The becoming thinning ozone layer allows the over exposure of radiation to us that may lead to sun burn

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