Sample Resume : Maori Culture Essay

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• Introduction 3
• Maori culture 3
• European New Zealander Culture 4
• Procedure for meeting 5
• Minutes of meeting 6
• Typical Agenda 8
• Protocols of meeting 9
• Glossary 11
• Reference 12
Maori Culture: Maoris culture is original culture of New Zealand. By nature they are friendly and respect the other culture. They greet the people by shaking handshake and smile or say hello. They have their own traditional ceremony for treating the visitors. If they are dealing a tribal group they welcomed visitors in powhiri styles. The traditional ceremony will lasts 2 or 3 hours. First of all, they invited visitor in their traditional meeting house. Visitor has to join them as group and communicate with them. Visitor has to sit with them. After that Maori chief give welcoming speech. Speeches are given in Maori language. So visitor required translator with him. Translator gives all detail information to speaker during the ceremony. Every one greets the visitor and shakes the hands and after that they take a dinner. They have their own traditional table manners. They follow all the traditions during the
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