Sample Resume : Marketing Strategy

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-Where Desi meets Videsi


Table of Contents
Introduction: 2
Mission: 2
Does such a market exist? 3
Is this venture socially relevant? 3
Services: 3
Product line: 4
Tv shows: 4
Music Artists: 4
Personalities: 4
Cartoons: 5
Budget: 5
Screen Printer: 6
Heat Press: 6
Logistics: 7
Marketing Strategy: 7
Target Market: 8
Sales: 8
Operations: 10
Key to Success: 11


There are many people out there who are into merchandising, selling T-shirts, and also custom design and printing. Therefore it shall be art that will help us create the niche that we desire

There are many artists in India who create different kinds of hidden art. Art that is untraditional, art that is unique and distinct. Art that has a personal flavor and a probably even a life of its own. Most of the forums that currently exist usually provide to artists who are established or who have a significant influence behind them. This is where artAberrents comes in. It provides a forum for these non-traditional artists to showcase their work to the world and have an opportunity to monetize it too.

Most artists are immensely passionate about their work, whether it is on canvas or glass art or ceramic art or something as unique as rice painting. Therefore artAberrants caters to the need of all such artists.


The mission of ArtAberrants is to provide a dynamic platform to present excellence across the visual arts, applied arts from across the…
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