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Table of Contents
Introduction: 2
Mission: 2
Does such a market exist? 3
Is this venture socially relevant? 3
Services: 3
Product line: 4
Tv shows: 4
Music Artists: 4
Personalities: 4
Cartoons: 5
Budget: 5
Screen Printer: 6
Heat Press: 6
Logistics: 7
Marketing Strategy: 7
Target Market: 8
Sales: 8
Operations: 10
Key to Success: 11


There are many people out there who are into merchandising, selling T-shirts, and also custom design and printing. Therefore it shall be art that will help us create the niche that we desire

There are many artists in India who create different kinds of hidden art. Art that is untraditional, art that is unique and
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The major objective is to enhance development and encourage learning and participation in order to provide access to contemporary art to every person.

Does such a market exist? Absolutely. Taking just Hyderabad into consideration Shilaparamam proves to be a perfect example. A meeting point for artists and art lovers. Each year, thousands of cross cultural artists from all across the country share a common ground at Shilparamam. Another good example could be Numaish (industrial exhibition). These are just two large scale examples. Each week or month there are various flea markets that thrive throughout the city. These are all unorganized sectors. Now imagine bringing all that fabulous and diverse art on one forum, one place. That is artAberrants for you.

Is this venture socially relevant?

Like any other industry, earning a name in the art industry can take years and only with viable recognition do art houses take interest in the artists. Many a times it becomes immensely tough for talented artists to sustain in those years of struggle as both their means and opportunities are often limited. Many talented artists agree to sell their work for a meager price, many quit making art in the first place. In the process the middlemen end up making the money while the artists suffer greatly. This leads to not just exploitation of the artists, but exploitation of art itself. We want to fill this void that exists between the consumers of art and the artists. Thus, this
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