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Date: 09/12/2016 Inception Report For CSE - 4322 - 002 Project: Mavericks Scheduling Service UT-Arlington Project Manager: Narayan Rimal Table of Content I. INTRODUCTION A. Background and Context B. Project Summary C. Management D. Competitors and features E. Risk Management II. OVERVIEW A. Organization of work B. Introduction- general description and milestones C. Work planning and timetable D. Deliverables III. CONSORTIUM AND RESOURCES A. Consortium B. Financial resources IV. DETAILD DESCRIPTION OF WORK A. Work Packages Management I. INTRODUCTION A. Background and Context MSS (Maverick Scheduling Service) is collaborative efforts by team to help students of UTA plan a complex schedule with minimal effort. The students will have resource to block out days and/or time to help facilitate their time management. Students will have lot of other material like: i. Create User(s) ii. Create Schedules iii. View Schedules iv. Add or Remove classes to their schedule v. Add or Remove study hours and work hours vi. Manage their UTA school schedule(s) Users: UTA Students (Android) Development Model: Incremental Development B. Project Summary The project is an android application that will be running on mobile phone. The operating system that the final application is going to run will be android. This application will need to be able to run on android 4.0 and later version. Local database will be used for

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