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IGN (Include Previous Names Also): StealthyJett | Previous: Youngful Age: 14 (15 In August) Timezone: Moutain Time Zone | UTC -07:00 Gender: Male How many hours can you play each day? Weekdays: 6-8 Hours | Weekends: 8-10 Hours Have you had any past experience? Prime Pots (HCF, TEAMS, KITPVP, CREATIVE, PRISON): I started out mid June as a Trial-Moderator, I was accepted by one of the Platform Admins. At this current time there was ownership changes plus promotions, demotions, and changes to the server. I thought this would 've been easy to go through but it turned it I didnt like it, The new owner was strange and I didn 't have a strong relationship with him. I was going to resign anyway, or in the near future. I loved Prime and I…show more content…
I 've also learned to be active on the forums which most of the community for the Network go to talk and hangout with each other and post applications and report bugs, and players. Later I was promoted to Moderator after being demoted I was repromoted and then put as mod I 've just been promoted and demoted tons of times. After being mod for a couple of days before my final demotion I learned a lot even more with phasers, people with hacked clients, and learning all of the new commands since I was no longer a Trainee. McDreamZ (Main, Sectors, HCF): Exactly I month ago on the 21st of April, I was promoted to Mini-Mod for the DreamZ Network. I learned a lot of response-abilities as DreamZ is a soup-based server. DreamZ has taught me even more than what I learned from Viper and I use it everyday to perfect my ways of becoming a staff member for the VeltPvP community. Prime Pots - Moderator ParaPots - Trial Moderator ViperMC - Moderator McDreamZ - Moderator PademicNetwork - Developer *Just a Few Commands* /mute | Mute 's a player permanently or temporarily (Rule Violations) /ban | Ban 's a player permanently or temporarily (Rule Violations) /warn | Warn a player for a rule that was violated in the hand-book /kick | Kick a player for a reason (Like a warning) /ss | Tells suspect to get in teamspeak after being
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