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Review Writing – 26th Jan 2017 katy 1. I was desperately looking for job change in Katy and needed a hike on my current salary which I couldn’t get on my last job. Last week, I contacted Jordan from Link Staffing and I was assured of getting good job assistance. The team is really very responsive, understand your skill set and schedules interviews very efficiently. 2. I am an HR serving in a private company in Katy and was assigned the task to hire dedicated staff to fill call centre positions in my company. Consultation with Link Staffing has worked really very well. They have effective solutions for HR and are able to find the right talent for you. 3. As per my experience, I would say that they are the…show more content…
My friend suggested me to talk to Jordan from Link Staffing. Within just few days, I landed a new job and I am currently working in my new company. I found Link Staffing as career saver for me. 8. Link Staffing has an excellent database of job seekers from beginner to senior level professionals. I discovered their talent pool when I signed up with them for seeking highly skilled as well as qualified staff for my company in Temple. The new hired employees are absolutely the best match for available positions in my company, I must say. 9. I was facing a lot of problems in my previous job and wanted to find a new workplace for a change. Going to Link Staffing became a game changer for me because now I am being offered a good salary and I just love the new work environment in the new company at Temple. Before coming here, I was worried about shifting to a new job but everything went well. Thanks to Link Staffing! 10. As an HR manager, working for a Temple based firm, I would recommend Link Staffing for my great experience in doing business with them recently. The staff listens to your job requirements very carefully and go to an extra mile for finding out the best possible talent. It was a highly professional service that I would like to avail every time I’d need to. bryan 11. I enjoyed being the client of Link Staffing since the complete process of hiring young
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