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My job is laid out in simple steps: hand each person a clear plastic cup full of cold tap water from the counter sink that is carried by a black plastic tray that we must balance with one hand; take their order; enter it in the POS System; wait for the bussers to distribute the food; check on them midway through their meal; hand check; collect. Of course there is sometimes extra steps, where the customers ask for a specific request, but most of the time, the routine never strays away from the norm. It’s usually the same old, same old. Throughout the shift, it isn’t rare to experience memorable customers. Almost all waitresses experience these kinds of people and Soho Park is no exception. After all, it is conveniently a block away from the tourist trap of Broadway, so there is no doubt people of distinct personalities decide to stop by for a quick bite. We like to categorize these types of interesting customers in a unanimous criterion. We mainly base these types from their personality and tipping experiences on past tables with similar qualities. “Whenever you print out a bill, make sure to write ‘thank you’ on the check,” Codie says on my first training day. She writes in her signature narrow script before adding a heart at the end of her note. “Sometimes these notes will get you more tips.” She prints out another check from her section and glanced at the table where two women were speaking in a thick European accent. After writing her typical thank you note, she adds

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