Sample Resume : My Time Management

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I handle stressful situations in a very mature way. I do not let the situation stress me out, or make me give up. I try my best to find and exhaust every option there is possible in order to find a solution to the situation. I also try my best to be calm during the stressful situation. My time management skills are very good. If I have a big project I have to complete for one of my classes, I will make a list on which steps I should complete in chronological order. I set deadlines for myself on when I should have a certain part of the project done. I do not multitask my responsibilities, because if I multitask, I will not be able to truly focus on a certain portion of my project. I often use my downtime to help plan, and often complete my assignment. Time management is like a good pair of shoes, you may have to try several pair until you find what fits best. I think the adjective that describes me best is: Determined. I consider myself determined because whenever I face an obstacle or a challenge that stands in the way of my ultimate goal, I have the persistence to beat the challenge and/or obstacle. The difficulty of the challenge or obstacle may be extremely high, but I have the willpower to overcome the situation. I am determined to be successful in life and I am willing to overcome any obstacle that stands in the way to achieve my ultimate goal of being successful. The most challenging academic course I have taken would have to be XL World History. I think this was

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