Sample Resume On Liquids And Liquids

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5 min. Introduction/Motivation: Activate prior knowledge—“Alright friends, we are going to learn some more about liquids. Who can tell me something they know about liquids? We have been learning a lot about solids and liquids but I want to know what you remember about liquids.” Tell students that you will be picking three students to say what they know about liquids. This will speed up the time and will make sure all the activities are experienced. “Yes liquids can be see-through. Another way to say see-through is transparent.” “Alright two more facts about liquids.” Hold up two fingers to visually show how many more students will be chosen. “Yes! Liquids pour. Do some liquids pour faster than other liquids? Do some liquids pour slower than others?” Hold one finger up to symbolize that one student will talk and then we will move on. “One more fact about liquids. Raise your hands.” “Yes liquids can be bubbly. What is an example of a liquid that is bubbly?” “Pop is a bubbly liquid! I like how you were able to remember facts about liquids!” Communicate the learning objective—“Today we are still going to focus on liquids but in a different way. We are going to learn about the level of liquids while they are in a container. We are going to have different centers that focus on the liquids inside containers with different activity. We will be measuring water, cutting and gluing, and coloring today in our groups.” Introduce academic
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