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Codeine Alexis F. Bersabe Concorde Career College RT 240 Clinical Specialty Areas/ Comprehensive Review Mr. J. Roper, M.Ed., RRT July 20, 2015 Overall view of Codeine Generic Name ● Codeine ● Codeine Sulfate (Tablets) Trade Name(s) ● Not Available Manufacturer ● Roxane Laboratories, Inc. Classification ● Antitussives ● Opiate (Narcotic) Active ingredient ● Codeine Pharmacokinetics ● During the absorption of Codeine by the GI tract, maximum plasma concentration can occur 60 minutes post of administration. ● The metabolization stage, cytochrome P450 is the major enzyme that is responsible for conversion of codeine to morphine (US.NLM, 2014). Drug Interactions o Total of 756 drugs are known to interact with codeine. Codeine may be expected to have additive effects when used together with; alcohol, other opioids, or illicit drugs that cause CNS depression, Respiratory depression, hypotension, or profound sedation (Rxlist, 2011). e.g.: o Narcan o Acetaminophen Incompatibilities ● Salts of heavy metals ● Bromides ● Iodides Safety during pregnancy ● Codeine has been assigned to pregnancy category C by the FDA. o Codeine rapidly crosses the placenta, and is the only narcotic analgesic which has shown statistically significant association with teratogenicity (involving respiratory tract malformations). o Codeine should only be given during pregnancy when benefit outweighs risk. (US.NLM, 2014) Side effects ● Nausea ● Dizziness ● Vomiting ●

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