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56 Wedderburn Road
London N12

Boris Peter Fielding
54 Buckingham Way
N12 OPT Date: 30th June 2016

Dear Mr. Fielding,
I am writing to provide you with information in relation to the personal injury claim that you want to bring against Shopping Village Limited Company. First of all, I will repeat the facts in order to make sure of my knowledge of the incident. Then, as you have previously expressed your concern about the payment of our firm’s fees, I will set out your funding options and advise you with the most suitable one. Lastly, I will explain the importance and the consequences of a Part 36 offer.
On Saturday 12th
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You also implied that all of these symptoms are making your work as an accountant more difficult as you have to look at complicated figures for most of the time. Based on these facts along with the information you have provided in the questionnaire, you decided to bring up a personal injury claim for the recovery of these losses. You have specifically expressed your concern about paying the fees of our firm. Therefore, I will now provide all the possible funding methods related to your claim and identify the most suitable one.
Funding Methods:
There are numerous ways which you can use to fund your personal injury claim;
1) Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs): A CFA is a legal funding arrangement in which you do not have to pay for my basic charges as your solicitor if your claim is unsuccessful. In other words, the fees are only payable if your case is won. In the event of a successful claim, you will have to pay your own costs for the case and a success fee. Success fee will be calculated as a percentage based on the costs paid by the defendant and this percentage will be decided prior to the case. The success fee must be paid from the compensation that you have received. As this is a personal injury claim, the maximum success fee deduction that can be made from your compensation is 25%. On the other hand, if you lose the case, there will be no success fee payments but you will be required to pay for your own disbursements as well as for the legal expenses of

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