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Introduction 2
Steps for preparing VSM 2
VSM to develop Facility Layouts 4
Facility Layout – Micro 5
Facility Layout – Macro 8
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Mike Rother and John Shook were asked to use their knowledge of Toyota practices to create a simple tool for managers to enable them to see the flow of value. They came up with Value Stream Mapping. This lean tool can help companies optimize their production in such a way that it results in drastic reduction in cost and throughput time and also improved quality.
Value Stream Mapping (VSM) allows user to create a concrete plan to make most efficient use of the available resources. VSM is one of the most powerful lean tool for an organization in implementing and improving on its lean journey. VSM shows the all the process from order entry to delivery. The value stream in a VSM is the point at which value is actually added to the product or service by changing its market form or function. Value adding activities can be things like: machining, assembly, welding, folding and so on.
Scope of Value Stream
Value Stream Map can be drown for three different levels: An extended level map as the view of the values stream at 60,000 feet, the facility level map at 30,000 feet and the process level map at 10,000 feet.
Steps for preparing VSM

Forming the team: For creating VSM it is very important to create a proper cross functional team consisting of supervisory or
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