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August 11, 2015 Arizona State University Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering IEE 552 Strategic Technologic Planning Literature Review on Operational Excellence James Sheahan, Devon Hall & Joseph Begala Operational Excellence Abstract Organizations need to become more competitive through operational excellence in a constantly changing dynamic market. This paper addresses reviews several scholarly research and literature review papers in order to explore concepts related to operational excellence as applied to all areas of a business. When broken down, operational excellence can be roughly categorized into five pillars: strategic clarity, organizational culture, business structure, effective planning, and superior alignment. Operational Excellence Fishbone Diagram Image Subject Overview Operational excellence has developed over the past century to become a dynamic and competitive method to optimize and excel in the global market. It is no longer a centralized business success model but has come to represent an umbrella of concepts and methods designed to achieve an economic ideal for quality and execution, both internal and external. To quote Hedley Lamarr, it is how well that a company is able to, “go do, that voodoo, that [they] do, so well (Brooks 1974).” One significant challenge is attempting to address operational excellence as a single concept. Because it encompasses such a rich and evolved panoply of sub-topics, finding a limited set of

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