Sample Resume : Peptide Bonds

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Amanda Sledge


Bio 111

14 February 2016

Testing for Peptide Bonds in Solutions & Water using Biuret Reagent


This experiment was performed to test an albumin solution, gelatin solution, glucose solution, water and an unknown solution for the presence of peptide bonds resulting in proteins through the use of biuret solution. 5mL of each solution was distributed individually to an assigned test tube to which the biuret solution was added. Ultimately the albumin and gelatin solution were found to contain proteins due to the change color to a violet color after the addition of the biuret solution and the glucose solution, water and the unknown solution did not contain peptide bonds because they remained blue after the addition of biuret solution. From this experiment it can be shown that the unknown solution does not contain protein.


This lab was performed to test multiple solutions for peptide bonds signaling the presence of proteins in solutions with the use of biuret solution. The Environmental Encyclopedia defines a peptide as “A chemical compound consisting of two or more amino acids joined to each other through a bond between the nitrogen atom of one amino acid to an oxygen atom of an adjacent amino acid (“Peptides”,2011). Merriam Webster dictionary defines a protein as “any of various naturally occurring extremely complex substances that consist of amino-acid residues joined by peptide bonds, contain the elements carbon,…
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