Sample Resume : Publix Bakery Department Manager

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Manager’s Questionnaire

Name: Emily Crow
Title: Publix Bakery Department Manager
Education background: Degree in Graphic Design from Auburn University – Montgomery (AUM)
Management Experience: One year as Assistant Bakery Manager & recently promoted to Department Manager
Tasks and responsibilities: Manage associates, make sure customers are taken care of, manage sales and inventory, and make sure to keep a clean food safety department.

1. Were you intentional about wanting to become a manager?

“Yes. I started as a baker in 2011. I learned about the great opportunities that came with management so I learned all I could about the job.”

2. We’ve learned that the three levels of managerial levels are: frontline/operational, tactical, and strategic. Were you a frontline manager before moving to your current level of management?

“Yes. I was an Assistant Bakery Manager. I managed the day-to-day roles and production. I managed our sales and adjusted production when needed. I made sure the departments inventory stayed balanced along with ordering supplies.”

3. What were some of the best lessons you learned from your experience as a frontline manager?

“Being a frontline manager I learned everything I needed to know about running a department or business. Being the Assistant Bakery Manager I learned how to manage associates, inventory, track sales, train associates, and learn/adjust to new technologies and policies that may arise.”

4. What are some everyday issues/struggles

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