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Introduction The beginning of quality assurance dates back to World War ll, when ammunition had to be tested for performance. The current purpose of quality assurance is to correct potential errors before a product goes public. Without quality assurance, organizations run the risk of releasing products that do not meet quality standards, losing money, wasting time, and not making full use of the possibilities of an idea . When working on the quality of a product, it must be a team effort, with everyone within the company committed to up keeping the standards of quality. Supporting Paragraphs The ethical issue at hand is whether or not Lauren should sign off on a product, as told to do so by her managers, even though the product did not meet the quality standards agreed upon. The product in question failed testing by only a slim margin, therefore her managers have told her to push it through so that it does not hold up production. They do not wish to jeopardize the contract they have for producing the device. Lauren does not want to ignore the directions of her managers, although she does not want to sign off on testing that is fraudulent. If she authorizes the product, she will go against company protocol, but if she doesn’t, she will be operating against the direction of her managers. If she approaches upper management she runs the risk of damaging the relationship that she has with her managers and could jeopardize her future at the company.

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