Sample Resume : Real World Negotiation

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Real World Negotiation

Being an international student, when I opened up a bank account I didn’t have a social security number. I wasn’t offered a credit card to start with, when I asked for one they explained me how they can only give me a secured card only. Without sufficient research of other offers and service providers I committed to a secured card worth $500. I was informed they would keep reviewing my account and payments periodically and graduate me to an unsecured card if found fit. My monthly expenditure is in excess of $750 and so it often happens that halfway into the month the credit card becomes useless and I need to use my debit card for the rest of the days. I have been a loyal customer for nearly 8 months, I
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The emphasis is on a systematic, time efficient, results-producing method of preparation that can be used for any level of negotiations (BNS 2014)
The interaction:
I asked for an appointment with my banker and sought a time suitable to both of us. I proposed him what I exactly wanted. He found my demand to be justified and asked me about the numbers. I asked him to raise the credit limit to $1500 effective immediately and also asked to deposit the security deposit of $500 back to my savings account. After contemplating over my proposal, he checked my account activity, he informed me that taking a call on the raising of the credit limit and also the graduation from secured to unsecured card is something that their Headquarters take a call on. I insisted him to call a representative at their Headquarter and get my problem sorted, I felt that an employee talking to another in the same company would solve this better and also I hate waiting on customer care. When Mr. Contreras was talking to the representative at their HQ, I liked how he kept me in the loop with the proceedings in the conversation.
Insights on Interaction:
I felt comfortable putting forth my needs as they were genuine and needed immediate attention. I was asked to wait for 15 minutes and that too played a vital role in me starting on a strong note. I was well versed with the norms of the bank and their regulations. It is always
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