Sample Resume : Real World Negotiation

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Real World Negotiation

Being an international student, when I opened up a bank account I didn’t have a social security number. I wasn’t offered a credit card to start with, when I asked for one they explained me how they can only give me a secured card only. Without sufficient research of other offers and service providers I committed to a secured card worth $500. I was informed they would keep reviewing my account and payments periodically and graduate me to an unsecured card if found fit. My monthly expenditure is in excess of $750 and so it often happens that halfway into the month the credit card becomes useless and I need to use my debit card for the rest of the days. I have been a loyal customer for nearly 8 months, I thought it was time I ask for an unsecured card with raised credit limit.
Preparation for the negotiation:
I planned to keep my loyalty to the bank the central theme to earn leverage. I have a good rapport with Mr. Jorge E Contreras at the bank. I feel you get a better advantage when you know about the person and are comfortable in interacting with him/her and especially when you have a good past relationship. One of the top lessons learnt during the class is having strong BATNA’s but they should be dished out in a very pleasant and amiable manner. I had two banks which were offering me unsecured cards with much higher credit limits but I didn’t want to manage more than one account so I was pushing to get this done. But, if my demands were…

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