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Record Companies:
When a band or an artist reach a point in their career they may want to start thinking about becoming associated with a record label. A record label operates in many ways. They have a number of steps in which they operate:
1. create/ scout for bands or an artist
2. offer contracts
3. makes music for band/artist
4. promotion/marketing
5. finance a record
6. makes money
To look for new bands or artists some record companies may be associated with artist and repertoire (A+R). A+R are responsible for talent scouting and overseeing the artist development. They also assists with the marketing and promotion, for example they consult with marketing and promotion and the artist and their management to choose one or more singles
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there are many ways they can advertise for example: , music magazines, on the radio or online. Touring: Once an artist or band has recorded and released their album it is highly common for them to go on tour in support of the album. most record labels will financially support the artist or band while on tour for example provide a road crew, hotels and luxuries ect. Music Publishing: Some record companies are associated with music publishers, these means that they may want the right to own your songs to maximise the earning potential.
Music Publishing:
A considerable asset of a record label is its own publisher. Not every label has one possibly due to lack of expertise or experience , or not enough time to deal with it. The purpose of a music publisher is to exploit and collect royalties for its copyright properties. Publishers obtains rights to songs from songwriters. As well as the record companies, there are companies that own the publishing rights to pieces of music. They often own the rights for a huge amount of songs. They are often part of a bigger record company (e.g Sony/ATV, Universal). Not every songwriter has a record publishing deal. For example : Leiber and Stoller,they wrote songs for Elvis Prestley like "hound dog" , "jailhouse
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