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I received your employment injuiry form by mail. In response, I am respectfully submitting my qualifications.
Your Requirements:
Obtains and evaluates all relevant information to handle inquiries including reviewing member records, contacting subject matter experts, and researching Teachers ' Retirement Law, as appropriate.
My Quailifications:
As a Senior Bookkeeper in a Construction Company, Ukraine I created a client tracking system that allowed for the sales team to analyze ongoing customer 's revenue and usage. Also, as a Senior Bookkeeper, I developed a comprehensive account plan for designated key accounts that included account set up for customers utilizing the construction company. My experience and knowledge in financial transactions, legal issues, benefit issuance, delinquencies, or fiscal information includes managing staff hiring and training, budget development for a construction company, all types of customer service, cash flow analysis, balancing of company 's budget, and developed a customer tracking system.

In my current position, as a Child Care Specialist or a Mental Health worker for crisis residential programs in the Sacramento area, I have extensive experience in interviewing customers to explain policies or clarifying information, including financial/personal history. For instance, it is part of my daily role to explain program policies and procedures for residents of the crisis residential programs and to describe the benefits of the programs.…

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