Sample Resume : Sales Manager Interview

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Sales Manager Interview For my sales manager interview I was fortunate enough to interview Chad Keaton, a wealth management advisor and a managing director of Northwestern Mutual. Founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Northwestern Mutual, as a middle west based company, started up with the earliest life insurance services in 1857. Even though, Northwestern Mutual has always been prominent for its life insurance products, the innovation and diversity in various financial services of business are undeniably more attractive to me. Risk management, wealth accumulation, wealth preservation and distribution are the major needs that Northwestern Mutual offers to the public with many specializations. The Northwestern Mutual Financial Network offers a personalized approach to uncovering financial solutions tailored to each client 's individual needs. Financial representatives with the Northwestern Mutual Network provide expert guidance and innovative solutions to help meet a client 's financial goals and objectives at every life stage. The goal of Northwestern Mutual is to create the most financially secure region in America. They want to reach out, and help as many people create financial plans as possible. In Knoxville, there are about eighteen full time representatives in the office, one recruiter, three assistants, and one Managing Director (MD). Each representative owns his/her own book of business, but has to report their numbers to MD. Everyone in the office interacts with

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