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Santa Monica Boys and Girls Club (SMBGC) According to SMBGC’s website, SMBGC’s mission is to “inspire and enable young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential” ( “Those who need us must” refers definitely to the miracles of our lives: the children. SMBGC’s child focused mission is a value for the community, which is important and relevant to consider. It was the significant reason that I wanted to participate at this site. SMBGC is a very well kept youth organization. The site has a learning center, game room, technology room, teen room, arts and crafts room, gym and cafeteria. I was surprised at the size as well as the facilities available to the children at this club. This made me realize that it either had a large amount of government funding, generous charitable donors or both. My Service Learning Experience at the Santa Monica Boys and Girls Club At SMBGC, I interact with children of different ages, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds. I observe an unfamiliar environment that I am not used to, which is children of different ethnicities (especially African-American children) and socio-economic statuses. This experience made me realize that the community I live in is mostly a small group of people who are mostly Turkish and female. Working with children at this site offered me an opportunity to engage with people that I usually do not encounter in my daily life. Because of the differing age groups at the SMBGC, I

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