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Self-care in Nursing School Tris Bacani Denver School of Nursing Self-care in Nursing School Self-care is taking a strategic measure to ensure that one is safe and stays in focus. They are personal decisions that one takes for to improve their health. In this case, my self-care is to ensure that I remain in line with the nursing school and nursing career in general, and set strategies to implement the key options that I have chosen. These include time management, , focusing more in nursing school and exercising. The field of nursing is diverse (Lever, 2010, p. 105). It requires focus to be able to cope with the daily challenges. However, caution should be taken when pursuing nursing as a profession. Nursing school requires discipline and compliance to the regulation in both class and at work. The paper will discuss the various measures that I will adopt to secure my future career in nursing and highlight how I will cope with stress while in nursing school. I know first hand through my experiences working in the hospital of exactly what I am getting into. Nursing school can be extremely hard and it takes a lot of studying and hard work. I consider stress as part of our everyday life, whether in school, work or at home. Balancing your life with all those three areas of your life can be difficult. Stress can come into play when you don’t know which one you should prioritize first. When I feel too stressed out, I try to remain motivated and remind myself that life is

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