Sample Resume : Self Employment Essay

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NJDVRS may provide services to eligible clients whose vocational goal is self-employment. NJDVRS will be supportive but realistic about self-employment options. Starting a small business can be difficult and successful clients will tend to be those with a certain set of skills, personality traits, and an active support network.
The self-employment process requires a team effort between the client, the VR Counselor, and outside business consultants and resources. Each member of the team has certain responsibilities with client commitment and involvement and with key ingredients in this process. The self-employment process NJDVRS uses is designed to ensure that those who complete the process have an excellent chance to launch a successful business.
1) “Self-employment” means the client has ownership in the business and is involved in the day to day operations.
2) “Business Plan” means a formal written document that fully describes the proposed business and covers such topics as products and services, market analysis and marketing plan, start up and continuing costs, and how the business will operate.
3) “Assessment” is the process by which the client is determined to have the skills, attributes, and resources to be a business owner and the business idea is evaluated to see if it is reasonable.
4) “Start-up costs” are expenses such as initial stock and supplies, equipment, rent and utilities, insurance, site renovations, and licenses needed to open a
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