Sample Resume : Size And Workload Essay

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• Size and Workload. As a smaller organisation SkillPower is limited in the quantity of work it can undertake at any one time despite employing more contractors and outsourcing work periodically, and as a consequence some work must be refused which is frustrating but unavoidable without assuming the responsibilities, cost and headaches that would come with expanding the organisation. • PRINCE2 Training. Although qualified as a PRINCE2 trainer, SkillPower does not provide training in PRINCE2 methodology, which is the default methodology for central government. To provide such training the organisation needs to register as an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO) or an Accredited Consulting Organisation (ACO), which involves considerable compliance costs, $150 per hour for application processing, which typically takes days not hours, and an annual registration fee of $775 minimum. This can be a prohibitive expense for a smaller training organisation. • Brand Power. A brand identifies the company’s product, differentiates it from other competing products, and more particularly in this instance, helps with the introduction of new products. While brand recognition is very influential in developing markets, SkillPower has considerable brand loyalty, but does not have a widely known brand, which is a weakness given that most customers prefer to buy new products from familiar brands that to them signify quality and confidence. Potential clients may hesitant to take a
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