Sample Resume : Soft Skills

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December 10, 2015
Profesor Costa.
Soft Skills

Soft skills

When it comes to skills for employment, the first thing an employer seeks is typically abilities, training and knowledge of specific skill sets. These are referred to as hard skills. Soft skills are often overlooked, but they also play an important role in every day operations. Soft skills are behavioral or people skills that everyone to a certain degree possesses. How one applies these skills can positively or negatively affect professional and personal lives. They can be learned but most likely not in any part of educational training. It is a Very valuable resources that can be developed with time and experience. It is Common sense behavior like curtesy, cooperation, team work and politeness. Hard skills and soft skills are both needed for a balanced professional career.
Opportunities come to those who prepare themselves for greater challenges. As an employee, the way you walk, smile, dress, and communicate is being watched, it is up to you to create the right impression with the right people. Major corporations have employed nationally known people to train employees on these soft skills so they are able to understand the Value of these skills. Having a college degree is just one step forward on the door to get you inside. Once you are employed, you have to prove your worth over and over again.
Successful soft skills at the work place is…
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