Sample Resume : Software Engineering

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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background DEFECT TRAKING Software engineering is the branch of computer science that helps in developing good software. Good software is that software that can handle all kinds of runtime situations and provide user friendly messages. Software process models strive to help developers to build applications in systematic manner. However, software industry has plethora of illustrations that prove that the developed software has defects. Defect is something that does not comply with the functional requirement of the system. Finding fixing defects in the software system is to be given paramount importance it helps in improving quality of the software under test. IMPORTANCE OF TRACKING DEFECTS When defects are…show more content…
3. Defect tracking system can help the team members to track the progress of rectifying defects. 4. It can help developers to have library of defects and how they were handled. 5. Project management team can take advantage from defect tracking system to expedite the software development and delivery. 6. It helps in improving quality of software. 7. It helps SUT to have associated documentation which talks about defects found in the system and the team involved in the rectifying them besides the budget and time scale. 8. Defect tracking system can reduce the development time and cost besides allows the team to improve the quality of software. 9. It has provision for having some internal documented reference as ready reckoner for software engineers. 10. It has its importance in software maintenance. 11. It allows project manager to have good idea on the schedule and makes well informed decisions. 12. Defect tracking system can help in software maintenance. 13. It helps in finding bugs, fixing bugs and reporting bugs besides changing the bug status from time to time. 14. All defects and its associated events and the tracking of such things can help development team to have lessons from the prior experience and make necessary steps to ensure that future endeavors will not repeat such defects again. 15. The defect tracking system can provide valuable inputs for the software companies while making auditing, planning and developing
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