Sample Resume : Software Engineering

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Chapter 1
1.1 Background
Software engineering is the branch of computer science that helps in developing good software. Good software is that software that can handle all kinds of runtime situations and provide user friendly messages. Software process models strive to help developers to build applications in systematic manner. However, software industry has plethora of illustrations that prove that the developed software has defects. Defect is something that does not comply with the functional requirement of the system. Finding fixing defects in the software system is to be given paramount importance it helps in improving quality of the software under test. IMPORTANCE OF TRACKING DEFECTS
When defects are tracked and maintained, it is possible to have a repository that can help all stakeholders of the application to have monitoring on the software quality improvement. Defects contain plethora of associated information such as the kind of defect, the team, project, program, category, the severity, priority and so on. Thus it is very important to track defects in order to have metadata about events in the software development that are pertaining to defects.
The defect tracking system provides plenty of benefits. They are described here.
1. It helps to organize all defects systematically and take necessary steps to handle them.
2. The team which is involved in the software development can have ready reference of defects and taken precautions…
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