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Supply Chain Management MGMT3308
Individual Assignment – Sport Obermeyer Case Study

Mia Carlton

Due Date: 26 September 2014 5pm
Tutor: Sonia Raghav
Tutorial: Wednesday 9am
Lecturer: Min Qiu
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1. Production Quantities in Hong Kong

Parkas have a short product life cycle, which results in highly unpredictable demand. Therefore during the initial production phase Wally should aim to produce the least amount possible. Then once he has received market feedback extra products can be made in order to meet the demand. When the initial forecast is made, very little information is known regarding the demand, therefore it is highly speculative and as a result of this the minimum order
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The coefficient of variation (COV) measures the dispersion of each style around its mean. The lower the COV, the less volatility hence it is a lower risk style. The COV was calculated for each style then styles were ranked according to their risk. Styles with a COV of less than 0.40 were considered low risk, styles with a COV between 0.41-0.60 medium risk and styles with a COV greater than 0.60 were high risk styles. Wally should aim to produce more low risk styles during the initial run since these have less demand uncertainty therefore the likelihood of overproducing is reduced.

Style Average Forecast (μ) 2x Standard Deviation (σ) Coefficient of Variation (σ/μ) Level of Risk
Assault 2525 680 0.27 Low
Seduced 4017 1113 0.28 Low
Entice 1358 496 0.37 Low
Gail 1017 388 0.38 Low
Electra 2150 807 0.38 Low
Daphne 2383 1394 0.58 Medium
Isis 1042 646 0.62 High
Anita 3296 2094 0.64 High
Teri 1100 762 0.69 High
Stephanie 1113 1048 0.94 High

3. Production Quantities in China
The same method used for question one was repeated for production in China. The results are shown in the table below.

Style Average Forecast (μ) Standard Deviation 2x Standard Deviation (σ) Coefficient of Variation (σ/μ) Order Quantity Order Quantity (accounting for minimum production quantities)
Gail 1017 194 388 0.38 606 1200
Isis 1042 323 646 0.62 357 1200
Entice 1358 248 496 0.37 832 1200
Assault 2525 340 680 0.27 1804 1804
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