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INDEX Overview About supply chain council Process Reference Model Challenges that can be solved benefits ------- this is the core. Processes Framework / levels model /analysis -------- performance attributes best practices Strengths and weakness case study- to be searched. INTRODUCTION: SCOR Supply chain operations reference model is a Supply Chain Process Framework that speeds development of enterprise level architectures and measurements. Managers use SCOR process modeling for rapid development, a common notation for better Communication for tracking standard measurements and based on best practices. It is responsible for Integrating business processes reengineering, benchmarking and process measurement into cross functional…show more content…
They are attached with other parts as unidirectional flow of information. BPR to Benchmarking to BPA. As first the first process is considered capturing of as -is process, quantifying operation matching are performed. Main goal is to obtain best class performance with the help of benchmarking and reengineering. Organizational Benefits: Quick analysis on Performance of Supply chain. Identification of gaps in the Performance. Efficiently enables to redesigning network and optimize. Enhanced standard core processes Streamlined structure of organization and reporting. Strategic Objectives aligns with Supply chain team skills. Top 5 supply chain Challenges: Every organization irrespective of market growth has to always take an intense look at Supply chains, anaylize inefficiencies and look forward for their growth. Effective supply chain management has to accomodate such analysis and restructuring as part of its ongoing requirement. These are the challenges involved those can be solved by using SCOR. Superior Customer Service Effective Supply chain management is maintained only when right product is delivered to the right customer at desired time and cost. SCOR model can be used to analyse the supply chain condition and performance using which we can lay foundation for improvement. Cost Control Various factors influence supply chain operating costs. Freight prices,
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