Sample Resume : The Airline Industry

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If time, money and space were no object, I would consider the blending of security processes into the existing airport facility so as to compliment the service process and to allow better passenger access from landside to airside in a matter of minutes while maintaining a high level of security. This can be accomplished by use of existing technologies and techniques. First and foremost, I would promote the PreChek program. When PreChek was originally rolled out, there was no service fee. The airline industry should be lobbying for TSA to eliminate the enrollee service fee, or in my case, I would determine if the airport can procure a budget which will allow the airport pay for signups. I would attempt to create a PreChek processing…show more content…
Experience and information learned from this class dictates that the allocation of human resources will not be as generous as I am hopeful. I would follow up with a request to hire privatized pre-screeners, and I am afforded this right through the Aviation and Transportation Security Act (ATSA). The Act allows the TSA to consider my application under the Screening Partnership Program (SPP). By blending hybrid forces, there is greater potential for efficiency. The privatized force hired must be equally trained or better to TSA standards, as well as, offered equal benefits. In the last few years, there has been some resistance from TSA to approve airport operator applications; citing studies commissioned from within TSA that suggest it is not as cost efficient as hiring TSA employees. This seems to be changing with more applicant approvals into the program. As of 2015, twenty-one airports are approved to employ contract security screeners (Transportation Security Administration, 2015). The 3rd security feature is prioritized on determining efficiency in the existing processes. I would call this security feature an occupational awareness measure. The airport provides specific services, to include air transport of passengers, cargo or the combination thereof. Processing travelers and cargo requires harmony in operations. I would therefore suggest that for the 3rd security measure, the security
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