Sample Resume : The Scorecard

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• Scorecard: Ok, so we’ve gotten to the scorecard section, or phase. In this step, the scorecard is applied to the entire Mindmap list. Once that application is completed, we create a simple, yet detailed scoring framework that is based on important business drivers. In addition, it is generally structured around business success, customer satisfaction and logistical constraints. Each separate item is scored, based on the same criteria, in order to identify the high value, along with the low risk items that should be incorporated as a part of the initial Lean action Plan. • Planning Phase: That shortlist is typically clustered into short sprints or phases. Often times, the first phase is the foundational aspect of the short list. Because,…show more content…
Probably not! Therefore, the next step is to translate this highly detailed and intricately written plan into what I call a vision poster. • Launch: Reaching this point has got to be exhilarating. I know it always is for me. Reaching a point in which I know that all of my hard work and preparation is going to finally be tried and tested. Finally, the culmination of all of the previous efforts, all of the dedication and time that has been spent, will result in a direct action – we launch! – But, don’t get ahead of yourself. You’ve got to keep a solid pace in order to ensure the success. The hardest part may seem as though it is over, but winners know that, once you launch your business, project or any endeavor, you’re going to have a whole new rule book to check in with. Heck, even once the project is in full swing, we’re not yet done, because there is one last step to consider, and consider, and consider, and… You get where I’m going with this! It’s time to Measure and Repeat. • Measure & Repeat: Congrats are in order my friends because, by this time, you have successfully launched the plan that you have been working on so diligently! It feels awesome, right? Well, although you can bask in that accomplishment for a moment, don’t forget that you’re going to need to measure the progress. You know, check in on how things are doing once the project, initiative or plan launches
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