Sample Resume : Training Program Essay

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This program is designed for a female in her mid 50s. This program will consist resistance and aerobic training. The female is a full time cashier and has limited experience to physical training. Aside from the daily walking and standing from her full time job the female gets little to no resistance or aerobic exercise. In younger years the female would travel by foot most of the time, so there is a part history as it comes to “training” aerobically. She is known to experience some pain in her bones but has been cleared to do moderate, low impact, resistance and aerobic exercise.
Clients goals are to increase her cardiovascular endurance and to involve some type of resistance training to strengthen muscles. Optimal goal is to improve her overall physical fitness levels. Client can give up to an hour of her daily time for training purposes for 7-day training program. Client will aim to mostly improve aerobic fitness level and devote 3 days of the week to partake in training. There will 1 full day dedicated to recovery of the body and the other 3 days will be dedicated to resistance training. For example: M W F- aerobic, T TH –resistance, S –off day, Sun- mixed training (half aerobic half resistance). Aerobically client can choose whether to exercise indoor or outdoor. As for resistance training client will begin training in an outdoor/home basis gradually moving into the gym.

Part 1

In order for to see some increase in muscle is recommended that she engages
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