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Carlee Nussbaum Com201 Transferable Skills 1. Organization skills • I was a counselor at an overnight camp for 8-year-old girls. This job made me a very organized person because I had to stay by the schedule and keep these girls in track everyday day for the whole summer. I had to organize group chats along with organizing activities. I also had to keep track of the paper work about each of my campers. • As the founder of the “Friends Of Rachel” club in High School, I had to assign tasks to the group and make sure nobody’s tasks would overlap. I also had to keep the groups paperwork and history organized. Being a founder of this group, I was able to establish priorities and meet deadlines, which showed me the organization skills that I have. 2. Interpersonal skills • In High School I was involved in a group that went to the Elementary School during after school hours to interact and play games with students who had social and emotional issues. This experience strengthened my interpersonal skills and I learned to interact successfully with a wide range of people. • In High School I had a best friend who began to go down the wrong path. She suffered from depression in addition to abusing drugs and alcohol. I was deeply concerned and I tried to help her but I wasn’t successful because she was in denial and didn’t want to hear what I had to say. One night she texted me saying she was going to hurt herself. Right in that moment I knew I had to talk to someone

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