Sample Resume : Walk Away Point Is A Contract Package Worth More Than $ 118 000

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TAKE HOME EXAM Computron Pharmaceuticals Question 1 In this negotiation, my walk away point is a contract package worth less than $118 000 to myself. To determine this, I consulted my BATNA – looking for other job openings – which the average contract package ranges between $100 000 to $140 000. Taking the mean of this range gives $120 000: the minimum total two-year salary of a MEDWARE program manager. I am willing to accept this minimum as my starting wage due to my inexperience as a fresh graduate. However, in my worst case scenario, I may neither be afforded a signing bonus, nor any moving expenses. Therefore, I would not have any premiums for joining the company and would have to pay $2000 to cover these moving expenditures myself. Hence, I believe I should be able to negotiate for a $118 000 two-year package. Question 2 My target is to attain a two-year contract package worth $146 500 to myself. I elected this value as I would like a package that is more than the maximum of my BATNA – $140 000. I calculated my target in reference to the mean of the salary range of a MEDWARE program manager per year: $70 000. Furthermore, I expect Computron Pharmaceuticals to at least provide the typical signing bonus of $5000, and pay for my moving expenses with unpacking which I value at $1500. Nonetheless, by considering the BATNA of my employer, I am willing to make concessions on my salary, what I expect to be their top priority, in exchange for a greater signing bonus

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