Sample Resume : Wedding Bar

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Selected customer profile- A honeymoon couple in their 20’s Customer departing from Toronto Duration- 1 week Hotel chosen - Grand Bahia Principe Destination- Jamaica Features and benefits All Inclusive resort- The features included here are: Serial number Features 1 It is a Victorian Style hotel. It is located right at the beach. Jamaica is one of the most fantastic islands in the world (Day, 2012). 2 Sea view will satisfy each guest as from all the rooms such views are possible. 3 It has a three lake style view that will increase the fun level for all the guests. Beach and Pool- the features included here are: Serial number Features 1 It has a three lake pool that is interlinked among each other. These pools are surrounded by tropical…show more content…
A pool that includes fresh water towels along with all associated needs provides much satisfaction to the guests (V. Tesone, 2012). Best Beach- At the resort’s beach the guests can enjoy the sun for almost all the days of a year. This beach has a perfect temperature of 28 degree (, 2015). Beach also has green turtles, beautiful mangrove swamp backdrop along with a Runaway Bay that provides the best memorable vacation ever. Beach Activities- This includes Snorkeling, Kayaking, Catamaran, windsurfing, Scuba diving classes (chargeable), and jet skis (chargeable). At the beachfront bar all sorts of drinks are included. Spa Relax- The spa is so sophisticated that relaxing here means one gets disconnected from the world. This provides the world class treatments and services in a thermal circuit that is comprehensive (Leung, 2013). This also includes ice fountain, sensation shower, foot bath and many more. Benefits There are a lot of features that attracts the customers. Such as the pool which is the most attractive aspect here provides a lot of benefits for the customer that ensures the motivation and expectation of the customer (Olsen, 2012). Guests can use the pool bar to relax more for the whole day. The temperature is restricted to 28 degree which is much comfortable for every guest (Sigala, 2013). Scenery that has attracting features like turtles, fishes, aquarium and white sand beaches is much
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