Sample Speech About Cholelesterol

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Mr. Brown is a 56-year-old patient at Kaplan Medical Center. Mr. Brown has been called in by a physician assistant at Kaplan Medical Center to discuss his cholesterol levels. But Mr. Brown has a few habits that the physician needs to try to convince him are unhealthy habits and try to get him to make some changes without upsetting him. Will the Physician Assistant be able to get Mr. Brown to change his lifestyle habits?
Physician Assistant just got Mr. Brown test results back from the lab and just called him to come in the office to hear his results.
Mr. Brown walks into the office and signs in and take a seat. 10 minutes later
Physician Assistant calls Mr. Brown into the physician office
Physician Assistant: Hello Mr. Brown. Today I bought
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First, let me explain what cholesterol is. Cholesterol is fat that is found in all your cells throughout your body. The organ that is responsible for making cholesterol is the liver. Let me explain your levels and the normal range for each level. So, we look at how much fat is in your blood and how at risk you are for heart disease and your level was a 145 mg/dl and the normal level is a less than 150 mg/dl. Someone with a 150-199 mg/dl level is borderline high and someone with a level of 200-499 mg/dl is high. So just look at it like this the high the level the more at risk for disease. Next, we looked at your bad cholesterol which tells us if there is any cholesterol has accumulated and if there are any arteries that may be blocked, your bad cholesterol level was 160 mg/dl and the normal level is less than 100 mg/dl. So, your bad cholesterol is high and may be putting you at risk for heart disease and other health issues. Someone with a level of 100-129 mg/dl is acceptable for people who doesn’t have any health concerns. But is more of a concern if you have health concerns. Someone with a 130-159 mg/dl is borderline high and someone with a 160-189 mg/dl is high. Again, the high the levels the more risk for heart disease. Then, we looked at your good cholesterol which is what helps to remove the cholesterol from your arteries. Your good cholesterol level was a 33 mg/dl which puts you at major risk for heart disease. A…show more content…
But if after you do these things and your cholesterol is still high then we will consider putting you on medication. The medications that you can be place on can help reduce your cholesterol levels and prevent heart attacks and stroke. The side effects that you may experience with this medication are muscle pain and damage to your muscle. Another kind of medications we can place you on is a medication that prompts your liver to get rid of the excess cholesterol. The side effects that you may experience with this medication are stomach pain, bloating, and weight loss. There are also medications that gives your small intestine the excess cholesterol from your diet to get rid of and then releases it back into your blood. The side effects that you could experience with this medication are dizziness, headache, diarrhea and back pain. Lastly, we have a medication that you inject into your body through needle that will help lower your bad cholesterol levels. The side effects that you could experience are sore throat, stuffy nose, and you may get swelling, pain, or itching at the injection site (Medline Plus). I think that if you exercise and start eating well you can get your levels back down to normal and you will not need to take the medications. So, I must say regular health maintenance will
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