Sample Testing Is Mandatory Against A Static Groundwater Protection Standard

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Statistical methods can be useful in compliance assessment and corrective action monitoring, where single-sample testing is mandatory against a static groundwater protection standard. These criteria health and also those derived from related as a fixed standard. The primary tool for monitoring is the confidence interval. Numerous ranges of confidence intervals, including confidence intervals around means, medians. The goal is on planning tests with reasonable statistical performance in terms of per-test false positive rates.
Confidence interval are designed to estimate statistical characteristics of some parameter of sampled population. Given a statistical parameter of interest such as the population mean (µ), the lower and upper limits of a confidence interval define the most probable concentration range in which the true parameter should be.
Like any estimate, the true parameter many not be located within the confidence interval. The frequency with which this error tends to occur is denoted α, while its complement (1– α) is known as the confidence level. The confidence level represents the percentage of cases where a confidence interval constructed according to a fixed algorithm or equation will actually contain its intended target, e.g., the population mean.
A point worth clarifying is the distinction between α as the complement of the confidence level when constructing a confidence interval and the significance level (α) used in hypothesis testing. Confidence…
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