Sample Tutorial For It Call Center, By David L. Hallowell Essay

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Six Sigma is a set of highly effective techniques and tools which aim to improve the quality of the output of a process by identifying and increasing stability and reducing the reasons for defects in manufacturing and business processes. It is becoming a popular strategy of the worldwide enterprise who is pursuing excellent management. This critique essay aims to analyze an article named a Six Sigma Case Study – Tutorial for IT Call Center, by David L. Hallowell, according to 10 criteria (Thomas and Arne, 2016) which are often used to evaluate Six Sigma projects.
In the case study, the author mentioned that high competition exists in IT service companies and the successes of an IT service company depend on its customer services. Managers had realized that improvement was not as simple as just forming a project and letting them against the problem while they had built up a reasonable capability in Six Sigma. By comparing the Customer Satisfaction and Support costs per call and support costs per client of average companies, Best-in-Class companies and the company, it is clearly that the company is quite uncompetitive in the industry. Senior managers had learned that finding a well-defined issue and selecting a suitable DMAIC project team to take care of the issue is very important.
The Six Sigma team then used the DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, and control) method to work on the project. The entire project has five phases: defined phase, measure phase,

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