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Manpreet Singh
Maggie Daniel
Dec 14, 2016

Writing experience in this semester In this semester, my writing experience is excellent. In Every single course, I learn something about my math, English, fundamental of public speaking course. That class brings different task for me in course period. One of my courses I drop in this semester is philosophy, I don’t want to drop this course but in some circumstances. I have to drop my class And I feel good about my decision. I take on that theme. English-111 is the best course to learn, that course gives you the training. how to write a paper. In English-111 had four major papers. And fundamental of speaking, this course give you motivation. how to deliver a speech in front of your audience. that doesn 't matter how many people is your audience. One or thousand people. At the beginning of the semester, my writing skills, lack luster and need to be improved. Prewriting was big a improvement switch made preparing essays sound better. The rewriting also helps the ideas and thoughts of mine come to live for my essays. The editing and proofreading help correct all the mistakes in my essay, which were made and directed my essay for the final draft. Reading the chapters in the book give me an example of how the focus of the next essay should sound. The activities in class…

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