Sample of Documents: Letter of Appointment

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Sample of Documents: Letter of Appointment Date : Our Ref. : LETTER OF APPOINTMENT (TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN) We hereby certify (Name of Company), a company incorporated in the Republic of Singapore having its principal place of business at (Singapore Address of Company), (Postal Code) is pleased to confirm the appointment of: (Name of Indonesian Company) (Company / Office Address) As our Agent / Distributor (exclusive or non-exclusive) for the Territory of the Republic of Indonesia for the following e.g. Oil and Gas Equipment, Supplies and Petrochemical Products and Services: (Name and Brand of Products) In accordance to the agency / distributor agreement dated ______________________ between (Name of Singapore Company) and (Name of…show more content…
XI. TERM / CANCELLATION 1. This Agreement shall become effective as of the date hereof upon execution by an officer or other authorized representative of the Manufacturer / Principle in Singapore and by an authorized representative of Distributor and shall remain in effect for 2 (Two) years thereafter unless previously terminated by either party for any other reason upon not less than thirty (30) calendar days prior written notice to the other party. 2. Without limitation, the following events shall constitute grounds for termination by Manufacturer / Principle: (a) if Distributor shall file or have filed against it a petition in bankruptcy or insolvency or if Distributor shall make an assignment for benefit of its creditors of if Distributor's viability as a going concern should, in Manufacturer's / Principle’judgment, become impaired;s (b) if Distributor fails to provide and maintain a proper and sufficient sales force; (c) if Distributor degrades and places in bad repute the name and reputation of Manufacturer / Principle expressly or by virtue of its methods of handling and/or promoting the Products; (d) if Distributor fails to meet any other of its obligations hereunder; or
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