Sample of Ieee Test Plan for P2V Conversion

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SAMPLE OF TEST PLAN FOR SERVER Physical 2 Virtual CONVERSION DIVSS160 Server P2V Action Test Documentation (IEEE Standard) (ANSI/IEEE Standard 829-1983) Server Name: | DIVSS160 | Change Action: | P2V (Physical to Virtual Conversion) | Server Impact On Business In Failure: | High | Incident Number: | | Change Reference Number: | CRQ000000018241 | Author Name: | Andrew McLintock | Author Designation: | Solutions Architect / Team Lead | Project: | SQL Compliance | Proposed Date Of Change Action: | 10 November 2012 | Create Date: | 12 October 2012 | Last Revised Date: | 1 November 2012 | Current Version: | 2.1 | Document Path: | C:\Users\Amclintock1\Documents\IEEE-Testplan-DIVSS160-V2.1.Docx | `Contents…show more content…
O/S Level Housekeeping A housekeeping exercise is to be performed on the O/S of DIVSS160 prior to the P2V to ensure the smallest possible required image and a subsequently minimized P2V process duration. Shortly prior to the actual P2V being started, the Paging File will be moved to the D: Drive as opposed to its current location of the C: Drive (Best Practice). b. SQL Level Housekeeping A cleanup of the SQL Server environment and its services will be conducted prior to the P2V taking place. This will be done in close association with the SAB Dev Team focusing on redundant items such as: Logins Jobs SSIS Packages Published Reports not available to the Users or Applications Unused Data Sources c. Establishment of a Virtual Server to simulate DIVSS160 required functionality on a Virtual Machine Please NOTE! This is NOT a simulation the entire Change, but merely a platform upon which we will simulate the inter-dependencies of DIVSS160 with other servers and the execution of task and services on DIVSS160 as they would be in a virtual environment so as to establish as accurately as possible if performance or reliability will be impacted by the virtual nature of it new environment. This simulation will be done over the preceding weeks, on the SQL Team’s environment, mimicking the end-state environment as closely as possible short of doing the actual change itself. 2.2 Selection of Test Items to Prove Functionality The latter portion of

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