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读书计划/个人陈述 (PERSONAL STATEMENT或STATEMENT OF PURPOSE) 读书计划是在申请过程中按照学校的要求来写一篇有关申请人过去背景,目前成就和未来目标的文章,一篇成功的读书计划不但应语言流畅,且文章逻辑严谨,层次分明,能充分显示申请人的才华并抓住审阅人的注意力。要写出这样的文章,既使对于母语为英语的澳大利亚人来说都是十分不易的,更不要说对于母语为非英语的中国学生。但是澳大利亚的学校在读书计划这项材料上并不对中国学生降低要求,他们认为既然申请人被录取后会与澳大利亚学生一起学习,那么就应用同样的标准衡量国际学生,一篇成功优秀的读书计划不仅仅要求文法上没有错误,还要求语言流畅并具有感染力与吸引力,同时要说明自己的整体素质与学术成就,这的确不是一件容易的事。许多学生为了写一篇优秀的读书计划要花上一个月的时间,这并不奇怪。 然而,写好一篇读书计划并非很难,首先我们要明白审阅这篇读书计划的人想要知道什么,审阅人最看重什么,什么样的读书计划才算是出色的。然后我们才可以根据自己的情况写出这篇文章。 读书计划可以分为两种不同的类型: 一种是总括型读书计划,这种类型的读书计划实质上是一种个人散文(Essay),即用最大的广度、最可能的深度来介绍申请人的情况,无论是背景、现状、还是未来。这种类型的读书计划被广泛应用于医学院、法学院等研究生院中。 另一种是专业型读书计划,这类读书计划往往着重介绍申请人在某学业或事业领域上的成就与见解,在一种小范围内尽可能详尽他说明自己的情况,这种类型的读书计划常在商学院的申请人中见到。…show more content…
I was born in 1981, the starting period of China's economy reform designed and implemented under the leadership of Mr. De Xiaoping. I have witnessed the dramatic changes in the continuous infrastructure construction, observable improvement of living standards, greater enrichment of social life, gradual deregulation of policies and strong growth of local economy. All the positive sides make everybody fond of the market economy, especially my parents, both of who are managers of property development companies. My parents have great influence on me, so when I was young, I start to learn how to keep abreast of the modern society by learning the new knowledge and skills. The world is already heading toward the new economy, although there are still some turmoil in certain fields and period. The explosive information technology changed the world in such quick and significant manners that many economists can't explain well. Meanwhile, China is joining WTO, the economy at this moment is growing at 8% annually, by further eliminating non-tariff barriers and reduce tariff rates, China's market will experience huge structural changes and countless opportunities will emerge to make China the hottest spot in the world economy. As a Chinese student, I am living in a new
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